We help people find lawyers.

Lawyerscloud is an interactive website providing access to one of the largest attorney databases in the U.S. Web site visitors love how quick and easy it is to search for lawyers and find contacts and user comments, ratings, and other helpful information. Lawyerscloud is designed with the individual user in mind and feedback is always encouraged.

We help people find lawyers and attorneys

Whether you are seeking legal assistance for personal injury, family law, criminal law, bankruptcy, estate planning, or immigration law, our simple directory lets you search for attorneys who are experts in your area. We are consumers like you, and we believe that by providing a forum to not only search for legal assistance but also a means to share and rate our experiences, we can collectively help each other as we try to find the right legal professionals.

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You need a reputable legal professional who can help you maneuver the legal system. We bring you together with lawyers who are experts at helping you.

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You can rate any lawyer in seconds with just a few clicks. Search for your attorney by name, city, and state or by zip code, then fill out a simple comment form to submit and share your ratings with other website visitors.

Tips and tricks

Always do your research. Many consumers contact and interview multiple lawyers. Search online and see what attorneys are saying and doing within their communities on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Lawyer ratings that matter

Lawyerscloud is a website that helps legal professionals and consumers at the local level. Lawyers who join our directory earn instant brand enhancement by sharing detailed profiles that quickly appear in organic searches. Consumers are encouraged to share comments and ratings based on their experience with the services provided by various attorneys. This interaction allows lawyers to benefit from feedback and greater visibility. Consumers have the additional insight from the experience of others to help them find the legal professionals that will best meet their needs.

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  1. William

    Looking for a good tax attorney in Boise. Any recommendations out there?


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